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Our Financial Planning Process




Financial Planning Process


  1. We are comprehensive planning specialists with a simple goal of helping you to plan for future financial needs.
  2. We limit the number of clients we take on to deliver personalized service with massive value.
  3. Raymond James offers industry leading technology to simplify our client’s lives and make retirement easy.
  4. As an independent advisory firm, we have the ability to invest in the planning solutions that meet our client’s needs.

The better question is: Why shouldn’t you hire us?

If you are looking for a financial advisor to trade stocks and “beat the market”, we are not the team for you. Why? Because our philosophy is to focus on what we have the power to control. Predicting when the market will fluctuate or guessing the future of interest rates are not items anyone can control.

If you are looking for a team interested in helping you to lower your tax bill, investing smarter, and helping create a reliable income stream, we are the team for you.

We have a high standard of care for every relationship we maintain. Due to the demand for our services, we must limit new relationships for families not related to an existing client to those with $1 million or more in investable assets. That said, we are happy to have an introductory meeting with anyone that would like to connect and if we can’t help you we are happy to recommend someone that can.

Yes, many of our clients do not reside in Texas. We work with retirement savers all over the country and many with dual citizenship.

Our team is equipped to meet with our clients and prospective clients virtually through secure video conferencing to protect your privacy.

We are a fee-based financial planning office. Our fees depend on your needs and complexity and are a transparent line item on every statement. We include unique billing options like Roth Alternate Billing and Fee Tilting to make your fees as tax efficient as possible. When appropriate, we do use commission brokerage accounts.*

Raymond James has always been a different kind of financial services firm – one that embraces long-term planning, values methodical decision-making, and remains focused on what matters most: YOU.

We chose Raymond James as our custodian to manage your money. As an independent advisor of Raymond James, we enjoy something virtually no other firm can offer. Raymond James offers top-of-the-line products and services, including asset management, wealth planning, banking, and lending, and trust services.

Raymond James is a publicly traded, global company with distinct business units that serve a variety of clients. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, they have grown into one of the largest independent financial services firms in the United States. And, more than 59 years after their founding, they remain true to their core tenets of conservatism, independence, integrity, and client-first service – laying the groundwork for financial strength and stability.

*In a fee-based account, clients pay a quarterly fee, based on the level of assets in the account, for the services of a financial advisor as part of an advisory relationship. In deciding to pay a fee rather than commissions, clients should understand that the fee may be higher than a commission alternative during periods of lower trading. Advisory fees are in addition to the internal expenses charged by mutual funds and other investment company securities. To the extent that clients intend to hold these securities, the internal expenses should be included when evaluating the costs of a fee-based account. Clients should periodically re-evaluate whether the use of an asset-based fee continues to be appropriate in servicing their needs. A list of additional considerations, as well as the fee schedule, is available in the firm’s Form ADV Part 2 as well as the client agreement.

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