The Red Dot Talk

Red Dot Chart

All of our clients have heard this talk and many of them have heard it several times. This chart is from the JP Morgan Guide to the Markets and we’re going to pull two lessons from it. The first thing on this chart is the bars and what they represent is what the S&P 500 […]

Behavioral Biases and Other Pitfalls to Beware of

Behavioral Biases

Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman is arguably the world’s leading authority on human decision-making and cognitive biases that exist due to irrational judgement.  As part of his research on the mind, he created a list of the five variables that lead to suboptimal decision-making as follows: A complex problem Incomplete and changing information Changing and competing […]

What is a Roth Conversion and Why Should I do One?

What is a Roth Conversion and Why Should I Do One

Retirement Account Types When saving in a retirement account an investor has two options, to save money pre-tax or Roth. Pre-tax savings result in a tax deduction of the amount contributed each year (assuming you are not over any applicable income limits), tax-deferred growth of the investments, and an income tax bill each year as […]

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