Behavioral Biases and Other Pitfalls to Beware of

Behavioral Biases

Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman is arguably the world’s leading authority on human decision-making and cognitive biases that exist due to irrational judgement.  As part of his research on the mind, he created a list of the five variables that lead to suboptimal decision-making as follows: A complex problem Incomplete and changing information Changing and competing […]

What is a Roth Conversion and Why Should I do One?

What is a Roth Conversion and Why Should I Do One

Retirement Account Types When saving in a retirement account an investor has two options, to save money pre-tax or Roth. Pre-tax savings result in a tax deduction of the amount contributed each year (assuming you are not over any applicable income limits), tax-deferred growth of the investments, and an income tax bill each year as […]

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