Three Steps to Improve your Personal Finances

In an effort to add some positivity to your world I have some good news and some advice to hopefully put money in your pocket and time into your calendar!

I have a few things that I recommend everyone try to do at least once a year:

1-Check the five sites listed below – Many of you have Unclaimed property – IT IS yours to claim and it is FREE – I just did it!  Review your credit report and your social security statement for accuracy.  Sign up all your phone numbers for the do not call list and OPT OUT of credit card mail.

2-Unsubsribe from every email you don’t need.  I have ZERO unread emails and that is only possible because I am diligent to keep it clean.

3-Take a deep look at your expenses – most of us have at least one recurring bill that is not needed.

(I dropped a couple extra cell phone lines and recurring subscriptions=$125/mo = $1,500 YEAR) – call at least one recurring bill and see if you have the best deal – most internet and cable bills do PROMO rates to start and then bump you up after a short term AND…..– THEY WILL NOT CALL YOU to lower the rate.

Please let me know if I can help – I have done all of the above personally and am happy to help!

All the best,

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